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Dessins de Simon Holmes pour Paul Smith et Draft

« Paul Smith became aware of my work through Draft and asked me to produce some drawings for a set of limited edition t-shirts. I was offered the chance to exhibit my work in his stores both in London and Japan. I figured it was a great opportunity and it was really encouraging to receive endorsement and support from someone like him.

My work is about the situations I’m in, memories of things that have been, how I view people, relationships, self portraits, trying to portray emotions, a way of dealing with life, a way of trying to understand life, dualities. They’re autobiographical, they’re small, they’re intimate, they’re where I’m at right now, the drawings are reflecting happy times, sad times, confusing times. They’re trying to provide some sort of hope, some sort of understanding, trying to communicate to others that ‘they’re not alone’, trying to scream that I’m here, I exist, trying to give a voice to some of the things I feel inside. In a wider sense they’re done to inform the viewer that not everything is right, that things are wrong and that’s ok, that’s life, it’s a cliché, but it’s true. »

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